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Responsive Customer Service

Online daily / 每天上线

Average 12-14 hours online per day / 一天超过 12-14小时服务时间

Friendly and Helpful / 友善客服

Provide you the best support / 给你最好的技术支持

Chinese Followers, Likes, Shares, Comments available

Covers most important social media platforms / 覆盖主要社交媒体平台

Include(包括): Facebook, Instagram, Tiktok, 中国抖音, 小红书, Google

Price cheapest in the market / 价格市场上最便宜

Live chinese service such as live shares / live likes available too!

华人直播服务: 直播赞和直播分享,我们也有做

Order anytime, anywhere / 随时可以下单

Cheapest Overseas Followers and Likes

Cheapest in the market / 市场上最便宜

Stable services / 服务稳定

Stable Instagram Followers - only RM 5+ for 1000 / 稳定 IG国际粉丝 1000 - 只需 RM 5+

We have services for almost all social media platforms / 国际服务覆盖各种社交媒体平台

Include(包括): Facebook, TikTok, Instagram, YouTube, Twitter, Telegram, Twitch, 小红书服务, 抖音服务, Website Traffic and many more!

  Contact us to learn more / 联系我们了解更多:

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 Explore our Marketing and Ads guide page in English and Malay versions:
 Terokai Laman Pemasaran dan Panduan Iklan kami dalam versi Bahasa Inggeris dan Bahasa Melayu:

 Marketing Page  Ads Guide


Our Popular Services / 我们最受欢迎配套:

1. Facebook  

  • FB Live Viewers
  • FB Post Shares
  • FB Page Likes
  • FB Page Followers
  • FB Post Likes and Emoji
  • FB Video Views
  • FB Page Review
  • FB Post Comments
  • FB 马来西亚华人 主页赞
  • FB 马来西亚华人 帖子赞
  • FB 马来西亚华人 留言
  • FB 马来西亚华人 分享
  • FB 马来西亚华人 5星好评
  • FB Malay Services

2. Instagram  

  • IG Followers
  • IG Post/Reels Likes
  • IG Reels/Video Views
  • IG Story Views
  • IG Post Reach
  • IG Post Comments
  • IG Post Shares
  • IG 马来西亚华人 粉丝
  • IG 马来西亚华人 点赞
  • IG 马来西亚华人 留言
  • IG 马来西亚华人 分享
  • IG Malay Services

3. TikTok  

  • TikTok Followers
  • TikTok Likes
  • TikTok Views
  • TikTok Comments
  • TikTok Shares, Saves
  • TikTok Live Viewers
  • TikTok 马来西亚华人 粉丝
  • TikTok 马来西亚华人 点赞
  • TikTok 马来西亚华人 留言
  • TikTok 马来西亚华人 分享
  • TikTok Malay Services

4. Youtube  

  • Youtube Subscribers
  • Youtube Likes
  • Youtube Views
  • Youtube Watch Hours
  • Youtube Comments

5. Telegram  

  • Telegram Subscribers/Members
  • Telegram Post Reactions/Views

6. Twitter (X)  

  • Twitter (X) Followers
  • Twitter (X) Retweets
  • Twitter (X) Likes

7. Red book
(小红书 / Xiaohongshu)  

  • Xiaohongshu Followers (小红书粉丝)
  • Xiaohongshu Likes (小红书点赞)
  • Xiaohongshu Saves and Comments (小红书收藏和留言)

8. Other platforms!  

  • Google 5⭐ Reviews (Malay and Chinese Accounts)
  • Website Traffic
  • Shopee Live Viewers
  • 中国抖音服务 (China Douyin Services)
  • ...and many more!

9. Multi-language Translation services and Copywriting services (多语言翻译服务和多语言文案服务)  

  • Translate English text    Malay/Chinese text (翻译英文文本   马来语/中文文本)
  • Translate Chinese text    Malay/English text (翻译中文文本   马来语/英文)
  • Translate Malay text    Chinese/English (翻译马来文本   中文/英文)
  • Copywriting service in English/Malay/Chinese (英语/马来语/中文文案服务)

  New China Douyin + Xiaohongshu Chinese Followers Packages
  中国抖音 + 小红书 华人粉丝配套
📕小红书服务 (China Packages/中国华人粉丝配套) 🎊全新服务🎊
- RM 148  100 followers (粉丝)🏃🏼
- RM 168  100 likes (点赞)❤️
- RM 10  1000 views (小眼睛)👁️
- RM 30  10 saves (收藏)⭐️
- RM 120  50 comments (留言)💬
📕小红书服务 (Malaysia Packages/马来西亚华人粉丝配套) 🎊全新服务🎊
- RM 118  100 followers (粉丝)🏃🏼
- RM 118  100 likes (赞)❤️
- RM 118  100 saves (收藏)⭐️
- RM 118  100 comments (留言)💬
🎵中国抖音配套: (China Followers/中国华人粉丝配套) 🎊全新服务🎊
- RM 450  1000 followers (粉丝)🏃🏼
- RM 80  100 likes (点赞)❤️
- RM 50  3000 shares (分享)↩️
- RM 50  100 saves (收藏)⭐️
- RM 15  1000 views (播放)👁️
- RM 30  10 comments (留言)💬

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🚀🔴FB Livestream Advertising Activation Service🚀
🚀🔴FB 直播广告开通服务🚀

Image 1 Image 2

 FB 直播广告开通服务

让你的Facebook直播视频更受欢迎,加入广告吧!吸引更多观众,增加流量,吸引潜在客户!你知道现在你可以在Facebook上运行直播广告,甚至在你的直播视频上获得'Sponsored'标签吗? 只需从我们这里购买一个由我们的工程团队设置为直播广告的Facebook页面。通过FB直播广告,你有可能将销售额翻倍甚至翻三倍。
img 1 img 2 img 3

Please contact customer service for purchase if interested:

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Popular Malaysia Chinese Packages

Facebook Malaysia Chinese Page Likes / Post Likes:

RM 110  1000 FB CN Page/Post Likes
RM 12  100 FB CN Page/Post Likes

Instagram Malaysia Chinese Followers / Post Likes:

RM 100  1000 IG CN Followers/Likes
RM 11  100 IG CN Followers/Likes

Facebook Live Likes / Shares (to increase engagement + reach):

RM 20  100 FB Live Likes / Shares

Facebook 马来西亚华人 主页赞 / 帖子赞:

RM 110  1000 FB 华人 主页赞/帖子赞
RM 12  100 FB 华人 主页赞/帖子赞

Instagram 马来西亚华人 粉丝 / 帖子赞:

RM 100  1000 IG 华人 粉丝/点赞
RM 11  100 IG 华人 粉丝/点赞

Facebook 直播点赞 / 分享:

RM 20  100 FB 直播点赞 / 分享

Please contact customer service to purchase Chinese Packages:

Please Click the button below to see More Packages:

🔥最火本地马来人配套 - 进攻马来市场的最佳选择🔥
🔥Hottest Malaysian Malay Social Media Package🔥 Malay package

马来人 Instagram 服务 | Malay Instagram Services:

Malay IG Followers
Malay IG Likes

马来人 Facebook 服务 | Malay Facebook Services:

Malay FB Page Likes
Malay FB Post Likes
Malay FB Post Shares
Malay FB Post Comment
Malay FB Page Review

马来人 TikTok 服务 | Malay TikTok Services:

Malay TT Followers
Malay TT Likes
Malay TT Comments

马来人 Google 服务 | Malay Google Services:

Malay Google 5⭐ Reviews

Please contact us to purchase Malay Packages:



  Social media experts ran tests and found positive results when obtaining followers for your social media platform:

 Can enhance the credibility of your page, especially if it's new.

 This heightened credibility increases the likelihood that potential customers will trust and consider purchasing the products or services promoted on your page.








 Studies conducted by social media marketing experts have shown that purchasing Facebook Live Likes/Shares can be beneficial:

 There's an opportunity to increase the popularity of your post or live video, raising the likelihood of it appearing in other people's Facebook Watch or being suggested to other Facebook users.

 Sharing your Facebook Live can potentially expand the reach of your video, providing a cost-effective option to reach more customers with your post. Combining it with Facebook ads can enhance the overall effectiveness.



 有机会提升你的直播/帖子的曝光度,增加它出现在其他用户的Facebook Watch中,或者被推荐给其他Facebook用户。


🔴Facebook Live Viewers Packages🔴
🔴Facebook 直播人数配套🔴

📘🔴🧧 Facebook Live Stream Views [Supplier 1] 💯Best Seller💯 / Facebook 直播 观看人数 [供应商 1] 💯最受欢迎💯

📘🔴 Facebook Live Stream Views [Supplier 2] ⚡Popular⚡ / Facebook 直播 观看人数 [供应商 2] ⚡热门⚡

📘🔴💰 Facebook Live Stream Views [Supplier 1.5] 💾Good Service💾 🤑Cheapest🤑 / Facebook 直播 观看人数 [供应商 1.5] 💾好服务💾 🤑最便宜🤑

Price as low as RM 2+ for 100 Facebook Live Views!!!
价钱最低只需要的 RM 2+ 来购买 100 Facebook 直播观看人数!!!

Sign up now to order Facebook Live views using website
立即注册来使用我们的 Facebook直播人数服务


 Research conducted by social media marketing experts has indicated that purchasing Facebook Live views can be beneficial:

 There is an opportunity to increase the popularity of your live video, raising the chances for it to appear in other people's Facebook Watch or to be suggested to other Facebook users.

 Facebook Live Views is a good way to enhance your social proof, boosting customers' confidence when doing live sessions and increasing the likelihood of them purchasing your product. Combining it with Facebook ads can yield the best results.

 A little-known fact: 80% of Facebook Live Sellers actually use similar services to increase their Facebook Live Views. This further emphasizes the importance of having this service along with your other promotion methods.

为什么您需要购买 Facebook 直播人数?


 有一定的机会提升您直播的热度,增加直播出现在其他用户的Facebook Watch中,或被推荐给其他Facebook用户的可能性。



  Video Tutorial on how to self order Facebook Live Views using ilikefollowers website

Earn Money using Ilikefollowers.com !!!

  Do you know that you can make your own business using our services?

There are tonnes of customers out there seeking for services similar to us, although our operation covers wide area, we cannot reach to every customer and demand out there.

You can earn money by selling our services to them at a marked up price!

Example 1:
Cost of stable overseas Instagram Followers is RM 7 for 1000 followers.
You can sell your customers or friends out there for RM 30 - after deducting the cost you'll earn a whooping RM 23 profit ! Easy money.

Example 2:
Cost of Local Chinese Facebook Page Likes is rm 110 for 1000 page likes
You can sell them for RM 200 (high demand services) and earn a whooping RM 90!
Local Chinese services has higher demand and popularity in Malaysia, thus you can mark up very high prices and still people will buy! Easy Money.

Example 3:
Cost of 100 Live Viewers is RM 2 for 100 viewers, 30 minutes - You can sell them for RM 20 and make a whooping RM 18 profit ! Easy money.

Contact us to learn more! Or Sign up now to use our website and start selling!

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使用 Ilikefollowers.com 来赚钱 !!!




例子 1:
稳定的国际 Instagram 粉丝成本 RM 7 - 1000粉丝。
你可以卖你的朋友或者顾客 RM 30 - 扣了成本后你可以赚个轻松的 RM 23! 简单赚钱。

例子 2:
本地华人 Facebook主页赞 1000个,成本是 RM 110。
你可以卖给顾客 RM 200 (高需求,高素质服务) 然后赚个轻松的 RM 90!

例子 3:
100 Facebook 直播观看人数,30分钟 需要 rm 2 - 你可以卖 RM 20 然后赚个 RM 18! 简单赚钱。


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