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Tips and Tricks to earn money with our services

 Guide: How to earn money and make a business using our services?

There are tonnes of customers out there seeking for services similar to us, although our operation covers wide area, we cannot reach to every customer and demand out there

You can earn money by selling our services to them at a marked up price!

Example 1:
Cost of stable overseas Instagram Followers is RM 7 for 1000 followers
You can sell your customers or friends out there for RM 30 - after deducting the cost you'll earn a whooping RM 23 profit ! Easy money.

Example 2:
Cost of Local Chinese Facebook Page Likes is rm 110 for 1000 page likes
You can sell them for RM 200 (high demand services) and earn a whooping RM 90!
Local Chinese services has higher demand and popularity in Malaysia, thus you can mark up very high prices and still people will buy! Easy Money.

Example 3:
Cost of 100 Live Viewers is RM 2 for 100 viewers, 30 minutes - You can sell them for RM 20 and make a whooping RM 18 profit ! Easy money.

Once you set up your business, you will need traffic: meaning you need to let people know you are selling social media marketing services.

You need to make use of social media platform such as Facebook, Instagram, Youtube, TikTok, Twitter and more to promote your services. The best is to create posts that will capture alot of attention, and slide in some information about your services.

You can do things like create a nice poster that list out your services and price, make it clear to your potential customers what services are you selling and their corresponding prices.

If you are good, you can even use social media platform ads to promote your service. But beware, those social media platform out there are strict when it comes to selling engagements. It is better to avoid sensitive or too obvious keywords altogether on your promotion post at the same time make it understandable to the people what are you selling. This requires alot of effort and creativity in thinking what words to use, how to design your poster, what other language keywords to use and many more.

The safest way is to record youself promoting your service by talking. It is because it is harder for the system to detect speech content versus text or picture content. All the best in your business and let's make money as a team together!

You need to tell potential customers what you are selling through promoting. The easiest way to showcase your product is by pictures/posters (a picture speaks a thousand words).

You can use free photo designing App such as InShot, Meitu, Picsart, Canvas to design your posters. These Apps are recommended as they are simple to use and free. You can even searh for their tutorial at YouTube.

Example poster:

Once you are done with the posters, you can start posting them at your various social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, TikTok either in the form of posts, videos or stories to promote to your friends and family. Social media is a good way to get potential customers, as long as your posters are attractive, and you're able to convince people why they should buy followers, you will defnitely able to sell. Good luck!

 攻略: 如何用我们的服务来搞生意和赚钱?



例子 1:
稳定的国际 Instagram 粉丝成本 RM 7 - 1000粉丝。
你可以卖你的朋友或者顾客 RM 30 - 扣了成本后你可以赚个轻松的 RM 23! 简单赚钱。

例子 2:
本地华人 Facebook主页赞 1000个,成本是 RM 110。
你可以卖给顾客 RM 200 (高需求,高素质服务) 然后赚个轻松的 RM 90!

例子 3:
100 Facebook 直播观看人数,30分钟 需要 rm 2 - 你可以卖 RM 20 然后赚个 RM 18! 简单赚钱。

当你开启了你的生意,你需要流量: 意思就是你需要让人家知道你在卖什么东西(社交媒体推广服务)。

你需要利用社交媒体平台,例如 Facebook, Instagram, Youtube, TikTok, Twitter等等来推广你的服务。最好是创造会引人注目的帖子,然后在里面悄悄地介绍你的服务。




你需要透过宣传来告诉潜在顾客你在卖什么东西。 最容易和直接的方法是设计图片/海报 (俗语说:一图说万字,百闻不如一见)。

你可以用免费设计海报的 App,例如: InShot, Meitu, Picsart, Canvas 来设计美美的海报。 我们推荐这些App因为他们都是免费的,你也可以很容易在YouTube找到它们的使用教学。


当你设计好你的海报后,你可以开始在你的各种社交媒体平台宣传了。可以使用 Facebook, Instagram, TikTok等等平台,然后发帖(可以发post,video或者story)把你的产品推广给身边的朋友或者家人。社交媒体是个很好推广和寻找潜力顾客的平台。只要你的海报有吸引力,和你能说服顾客为何要购买粉丝或者赞,你一定可以卖到这种服务/产品,用这方法赚钱。加油!

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